Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 14

Dear Family, 

This week has been quite the adventure. We had a special fast for the zone to bring investigators to church that could get baptized this month and we had a great turn out I have a strong testimony of fasting! This week we found 16 new investigators in the surrounding cities of Robstown and found people who didn't even know who the mormons are..... it was pretty exciting. Like dad always says it's easier to teach a pitcher who has no bad habits likewise it is to help someone who isn't blinded by false doctrine. So the lord has blessed us with some really cool families scattered throughout the area so our mile budgeting will have to be a lot more careful.... We were recently just given the responsibility of making sure our zones stay under there mileage allotment. 
This upcoming week we'll be having interviews with president and also an exchange with the assistants so i'll be excited for that. President is notorias for his famous marriage talks in some of the final interviews so i'm hoping i don't get the talk yet. haha If there's one thing i've learned from president is that you have to have a solid plan in the things that your doing recently we've learned alot about setting goals.

The weather is hot some days and then it's also been really rainy down here which is good for the farmers because they don't really irrigate too much so the crops have been looking good under neath these Robstown skies. I've recently felt like I've lost some weight i've def. lost a lot of muscle for not being able to work out and having to shower first in the order (4 missionaries shower from the hours of 645 to 730 in our house in the same bathroom). But I do feel like I've been slimming down I've been eating healthy and trying not to overdue it at some of our members homes.

I've learned some good cooking methods of how to survive at least I can't say i've perfected any real good meals but it's been going pretty well. We have a crock pot and I've been making alot of BBQ chicken or salsa and chicken and then cooking ricearoni mixed with bell peppers and onions in bulk and then steaming vegetables for my meals so I've been tearing up the kitchen I would however like you to send me the recipe for the chicken and rice casserole so I can try it out on a Sunday perhaps that'd be much appreciated.

I really love the ward here they're doing really great we have a member in the high council that just told us the number of convert baptisms for the stake and was bragging that the Robstown ward was number 1 in the stake by a long shot so we're pretty excited about that. Our ward mission leader has recently magnified his calling and we've noticed a real emphasis on working with missionaries so it's real exciting to be here right now I love it. The members have also picked up a lot in feeding us and this last week we scheduled some appointments and it's looking like we are overbooked almost every single day. haha so that's real fun. And members have continued to shower us with random food pantry stuff so missionaries have life made in the Robstown ward.

But that's about all I got. Love you all and have a good week!

Elder Hobbs

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