Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 14

What a week!!! Things have been great here in Texas there's been a lot of talk about the border lately from members and contacts of all kinds of crazy things going on i'll give you more details when i get home so i don't dive to much in to politics. The other Announcement i have for you is that i am not really going to have souveniors of my mission due to the fact that i went shopping for them early today and it reminded me of the strong dislike i have for shopping. haha but thank you for the letter nothing like reading a big long letter i as well got the opportunity to read Maisie's letter that's great that she's been hitting the ground running and getting a lot of great work done in the MTC. I'd love to work in the MtC but seeing that there's no reason to be in Provo for me  quien sabe. Maybe when i transfer there when i get my associates here at UTB in Brownsville.

But we had a bapitsm this week with Araceli the granddaughter of the member we've been working hard with and we were as well supposed to have a baptism with Isa she got married on Satruday and was planning on baptism this sunday but get this. So thursday she twisted her ankle bad enough that when she wwas walking she couldn't even fit into her shoes, then at the reception she got shot with a BB gun by the neighbors who were mssing around and then on the way to the baptism the next morning they got a flat tire to there car. Crazy! Satan sure had a few tricks up his sleeves. but next week she'll be planning on getting baptized along with another grandkid of Polo we will be looking good to have a baptism. As well i found a family from Utah that is just visiting for the summer and i'm gonnna get them to the ogden temple open house and even bribed them to go to the Treehouse Childrens museum.

Love you all have a great week

Elder Hobbs

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