Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rest of May

May 26
Well what a week where should I start.... We had 3 day training in McAllen and it went really really well I got to work with Elder Livingston again for the 3 days and spend the night with him and his companion at his apartment it was a blast to be with him again and see how much we've both changed since last I trained him he'll be a great friend of mine after the mission. I was as well put on the spot with what my biggest goal is right now as a missionary and president told me I needed to think about it cuz I don't have much time to be planning. haha it's crazy to be the 2nd oldest group in the mission it feels unreal... but anyways I told him that I wanna help a family join the church that can enter in the temple in 1 year!

   So me and my comp as we got home we made plans to find that family seeing that he only has 3 weeks left of his mission we had to make are plans pretty fast acting in order to include him on our plans..... i'll come back to that in a sec...

   So we as well had a marriage and a baptism back to back this last satruday and sunday! It's the first time I've helped someone get married on my mission so that was really really cool and the baptism was very sweet they're a great couple and the English ward has fellowshipped them really well. There names are Cody and Amanda. We should as well be having a baptism in the coming week with a members mother they've had to put it off due to the members sons being really really sick they have to drive far and they haven't been able to make it out here.

We've been working really really hard in the Spanish ward due to lack of knowing members in the past and even going to the ward so we've already gotten to know some auxiliary leader in our area that haven't been visited in months..... It's like putting Babe Ruth on the Bench.... So we're starting to get things rolling in the Spanish ward and getting to know all our members and i'll also come back to that in a sec....

Other highlights of the week is... I had 2 encounters with big huskies one of which ended with me kicking one in the face the other a little girl saved us, as well a blue healer and a lab chased us.. I smacked it on the head with my scriptures a couple of times and it luckily dodged my homerun kick. I've learned to take no crap from the neighborhood dogs. haha

So me and Elder Bawden made our plans to find this eternal family and wrote on the left things we'll repent of like little obedience things such as speaking Spanish more often, making sure things are clean and organized, etc.... And then we made plans of what we were going to do such as open your mouth to everyone, contact every referral, work on memorizing scrips, etc.... Basically a plan to be more prepared,consecrated servants to find a prepared family.

So the other day we were walking on the street to contact a referral and we talked to a man lying down on a bench in front of his house and come to find out this man had been praying for god to send him someone to show him the way. We taught his family of 8 the restoration and they loved it and he told us it was true and he prayed about baptism and is going to do it he just needs to get work off on sunday mornings and he has a date for the 15th of june! He will be in the Spanish speaking ward the one that we have been going hard in since I got here to know them all and gain there trust and now we already have 3 families excited to help fellowship and teach them we have a FHE with them tonight with some really boss recent converts. It's been such a testimony builder to me how fast the lord reacts to our prayers and our plans we make and how important it is to be able to have a channel of support when we do get blessed with prepared people/families so make sure your being that kind of family.

Love you all
Elder Hobbs

May 19
Dear Family,

Well everything is still going really really well! we've had a lot of fun working together me and elder bawden and we've seen a lot of success in finding and bringing people to church we're working on getting a guy off of alcohol and also getting a couple married and also a member is helping his mother that is really old get baptized she knows everything and has been interviewed she just needs to come to church this week when she's feeling better to get baptized the zone is looking good to hit it's goal of 10 we have 8 companionships so 16 missionaries. I also got to go see Sanny Benito my old area and everyone remembered me and I got to t talk with some that I had taught who were baptized and that was really really cool! good to see people still active in the church! but sorry I'm gonna write a smaller letter it's a busy p-day and I've decided I want to go to UTAH STATE for college after some suggestions and pondering it out a bit i'll be going there in the fall is the plan. I'll be doing a little bit of registration as well to day to get into some classes President has given me permission to do so.
Anyways love you all and have a great week!
Elder Hobbs

May 12
Querrida familia,

Well you've already heard from me. As i've said the new area is great great great! we've had comp studies every day with missionaries, we've planned out our schedule for the month, and have had meal appointments every single day! it's been great i've had literally no time to unpack my stuff all i have unpacked is my clothes.

I got an e-mail today from Adolfo a guy i helped get baptized in Brownsville he's a secreatry over there in a small branch that he moved into and is doing great it's so good to hear when those your such good friends with are still active in the church! I also got to run into a family i met here when i was in san benito and the little kid still wears the watch i bought him so he could have all missionary like attire and his grandma that i had taught is still real active and enjoying church so it's good to see the fruits of your labors!!! I'm so happy the lord has sent me back to my greeny zone and to be able to see how far things have taken off.

You never know of what kind of affect/effect you can have on people the scriptures are so true when they talk about how joyful it is to know you've taken part in the work of salvation so continue to be involved in the work of salvation familia hobbs and support the sisters and make sure they have people to teach and ask them who they'’re teaching.

Love Elder Hobbs

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