Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15

Dear Family,
   Before you know it Heston's going to be the only one in the house.... How exciting things sound to be as crazy as ever back home thank you so much for all your prayers and for your letters. Thank you also for keeping me posted on the news of people getting their calls. I'd just like to ask that you make sure to get that family history work done that I had requested I don't want to keep them waiting any longer then they already have to get there ordinance's done.
   But this week went very well. We hit a bit of a hurdle with some bike problems.... Of course not mine though. My Comp got a flat and after he fixed it his other rim broke and then we had to wait for Biciycle world to fix it all up for us. So far I'm close to about being 10 - 0. My bike's tires have outlasted my comp's about 10 times over. So whoever is going to serve a mission with a bike I recommend to use the flat attack liners you had installed in my bike because those things have worked wonders for me.... Or i'm real lucky. But even though we had a bit of a struggle with time we managed to conctact a refferal a member gave us for her daughter that lived with a non member. We knocked on the door and as soon as B (the members boyfriend that is 19) answered he offered for us to come in and we came in met his sister that is 20 and had a little bit of a lesson, next lesson we set up at the church they both came  and we had great fellowship there and we ended up setting a baptismal date with them for the 12th of May. A (the sister) made it to church this last sunday and took her 4 yr. old son and just loved it. She said she enjoyed it a lot more than her other church and said she already talked to her parents about being baptized and they approved. So now the plan is to sit down with the parents when they won't be too busy. (They own Clubs around South Texas) Also B is super solid he'll just need to overcome some ley de castidad issues and come to church with us. Him and his girlfriend went up to San Antonio for his birthday.
   So it was awesome A is super committed to church and already has a spiritual confirmation about being baptized we'll get her a spiritual confirmation on the restoration this next week and she'll be golden. She actually ended up attending her church from 12 to 1 and then ours from 1 to 4. And then came back to see a baptism from some other Elders at 5 so she almost spent the entire day there and loved it. So we've been very blessed to have found her. And we have lost track of our family for a bit the father has been pulling double shifts and works till arund 10 at night so we've decided to give them some time and then try by. Also our other Investigators have been hard to come across but we'll see what we can do this next week to get back in touch. It's just part of the work sometimes you have to let investigators go that you love.
   Also this week has been pretty funny because we've been bringing out "Brother Jared Parkin" to our lessons with us he came to visit the mission for about 2 weeks and spend time with members or what not and he didn't take in to count that he'd need to kill some time here and there so he offered his help to us. Also he took us out to Rudy's for the first time!!! It was great i can finally say i've been there on my mission. He's been some great help teaching these 2 new Investigators so we'll be sad to see him go. You oughta reimberse him for Rudy's by having him over for dinner sometime.
   But that's basically been our week i've improved on taking pictures but I forgot my camera I'll work on getting some pictures back home with for you all to put some face's to the names i've been throwing around. But i'd just like to close by saying how blessed we've been to have a member reach out to give us that referral that we would have never found on our own. Often times we know the people who are prepared  a lot more then the missionaries it's just that the members don't have it on their minds. So Family please help the sister missionaries by referring them to friends that will be blessed by you spreading the news of the gospel. But thank you so much for the love that you've showed to me and I'm super excited to be a part of something so great. To be in the lord's ranks. So I hope you know I'm doing really well excited for what's to come. Love you all and have a great week i'll let you know if i'm leaving or not... Transfers will be this Tuesday. But I have a pretty good chance I'll be staying where I am. Love you all and don't forget to study the scriptures.
Elder Hobbs
P.S. tommorow I'm headed to McAllen for a training. I just got news last night I'll be training this next transfer. I'm super excited, nervous, and happy about it. Iknow i'll be qualified for the call according to my diligence/obedience. But I could use some extra prayers this week i'm still a bit shaky en el idioma. But i'm super excited and I know me and my new companion will have a lot of growing to do together.

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