Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 2

Querido La familia Hobbs,
    WEll it's good to hear everyone's having a great time back home. Here in the mission we had a great week. We had Zone conference and just had interviews just today. It's been very very exciting to be around president so much in this past week. Also we have conferencia general en esa semana viene...... Que Padre how exiciting. I hope everyone decides to take notes and comes up with some questions before it all starts so start thinking of those preguntas inspiradas. I don't have any crazy stories for this week so i've decided to give a discussion on easter so i hope you'll all enjoy it.
    Espero que su pascua estuvo disfrutado.... What a great sunday we had just had to get the oppurtunity to focus on the real reason we celebrate the easter season. How blessed our we as members to know the blessings that come from the Atonement and what our elder brother Jesus Christ has done for us. It was a great blessing to represent the lord this past week. Me and my companion took advantage of the holiday and through our findings and lessons with non-members and members we changed it up a bit and had decided to share an easter message with everyone. My favorite scripture that i came up with through my studies that really hits la pascua on the head is in mosiah 16 vs 7-10(read it) How blessed are we to know as members of the church that death is swallowed up in christ and that when a loved one passes away we know that he/she will be resurected because god loves us enough to provide us a plan. And center to that plan was the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And that that lifts the burden of Death that we as humans have no way in overcoming on our own. But as it teaches us in vs. 10.... that we also need to do our part in order to fully accept gods plan completely we need to show obedience to the commandments in which we have..... A great analogy is that god's plan is like a plan that our earthly parents set for their child to receive an education. They work as hard as they can to receive the funds possible to give us that oppurtunity to suceed at the next level. They pay the price for us to go to school. But as kids we need to fully accept what has been set apart for us through our obedience. We need to first show obedience to the commands of our parents around the house in order to show love to our parents. But also we need to show obedience through our actions by getting the grades we have and taking part in that sacrifice our parents gave us by actually going to receive that education...... But as we have just enjoyed the easter holiday i'd just like to invite everyone to really consider the blesssings we have and the knoweldge and comfort that the atonement gives each one of us. And ponder on how that knoweldge would tear us apart if we didn't have it. Lehi truely made it known how important the atonement was in Lehi ch2:6-8. How great are these things to be made known unto our bretheren. Nephi also taught this same principle and worked as hard as he could so all could know 2 Ne 25:26. He knew that as parents that's the best knoweledge we can give to our children..... I would just like to conclude my discussion by sharing some thoughts that occured to me in a gospel principle class. The ATonement is the foundation of the gospel(fe,arrepentimiento, bautismal, H.G., y preseverar) and the gospel is what gives us a purpose here on this life and points us to the eternal motives to make it to the temple. And really this knowledge all comes back to the foundation of the atonment without the atonment we wouldn't have the gospel, nor a purpose to be here on the earth and as you see the great blessings we have i'd love to invite you to share these great blessings with those around us. Msh 16:7-10 really gives me comfort to know that i'll be able to see grandpa again. And  a grandma i never met. And all those loved ones that will and have passed away. And to think of those who don't have that knowledge to make it through such a trial is a bit gut wrenching to me. So consider the love and the blessings we have as members of the church and knowledge we have and count those blessings because we truely are blessed.
Love Elder Hobbs.
P.S. We've found a family that we've been working with and it's been exciting teaching them. They have a catholic background and we'll be having a lesson with them tonight at the chapel during mutual so we're very excited and they loook like they'll have some great potential in making that covenant of baptism. I'm still kicking down here in Brownsville. We've had a miracle last week some elders pulled of f 2 baptisms that were fence sitters and we hit our goal of 14 and the mission went above 100 for the first time in a while. So we'll be excited to keep the train rolling and bringing souls unto repentance. Me and president had a great e-mail and i'll be making some goals towards becoming un nativo speaker and also with teaching and having the spirit in more abundance. Me and Elder Stewart are still working together and we had the oppurtunity to do exchanges with the zone leaders and i got to go on an exchnge with my grandpa in the mission....( the elder who trained my trainer.) It was exciting and a good joke for us. But i'm loving the work and it's been very very exciting i've been working on ways to really consecrate myself and magnify my calling. I'm def. open to suggestions if you have any shoot em my way next e-mail. Love you all and have a great week.

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