Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 8

Querido Familia,
     Well what a great conference we had and how grateful I am to not have to worry about the media and what's going on with all of that. I really loved Elder Hale's talk on how the world has been moving overtime to worse and worse and how god and his church never move. It was also an interesting talk by Elder Perry on the Commandments and on how they never change everthing makes perfect sense now and why they had been directed to speak on those titles. I loved the talks and the sense of missionary work indicated for members to participate in. (speaking of member missionary work how have you been doing with making that list for the newly arriving sisters for the stake????) But we were very very excited to get to see conference and I hit my key indicators I found Melanie Wilcox and I'm pretty sure I saw Mr. Hadley. I love hearing the words of prophets.
   And as for teaching pool.... The family couldn't meet with us too much this last week they were busy with a birthday and the husband had to do some remodeling in the appartments complex that he works in. We also found a former investigator that lived in a different area her name is josefina and went to church for about 2 months and didn't get baptized because her husband wouldn't let her. But now they're divorced and we have been working with her and her 2 kids and have a baptismal date with them and we're very excited to work with them. We'll just need to get some members to come around for our lessons with her so we can enter. We have also been working with a lady named pat that is also coming off of a divorce that we met in the park she has a baptismal date and has spoke of having peace in her life we need to get her some real intent and help her to act she's just been wanting to put her toe in the water thus far so hopefully we can hit her mainstream need with a good lesson coming up. Other then that those are our only investigators that we've consistently been meeting with a couple other potentials. We're still working on a B.D. with the garcia family they are just a bit catholic right now they don't understand that they're less active dry mormans. And none of them made it to conference... we had them all committed but  no one showed. We couldn't get our prophet present lesson with them. It would have been so perfect because Elder Uchtdorf's talk in the 3rd session would have been perfect for Pat and Josefina....... Good thing we have the internet in our days and we'll have to pulll it up for them to listen to.
   But other then that that's been the week. I've revised some of my mission goals since my last interview with President and also from conference. One of my goals is to write a letter each week to someone and to take a picture a day so hopefully you'll be able to see the fruits of those. I've been wondering on a few of my buddies and there mission calls i know that trav was getting close to fillin out the forms and also cooper and Tayson  Also we've been doing some family history work with one of our members that's less active to get him some goals to do some names of his ancestors in the temple. And i pulled up my profile to show him how to do some stuff and I realized I had some people locked that are waiting on me to free them up. I was wondering if i could leave you my password and to have you guys take those names to the temple for me that'd be great if you could help me with that. 

 I love you all and i'm grateful for your  support. I hope you've all applied things from the talks we've heard and will always resist your environment. That's something that I felt like I had gained as a bigger message is to really resist the environment in which we are placed in to use our god given blessing of agency for good. To follow that which is good and to do that which is good. I also loved the talk given in the priesthood session on administering Heston.... That talk was for you. Seek ways to administer amongst your friends don't give into the crowd of being cool for that which is right that is exactly how the world pulls us away from what we know to be true. Stay firm in the foundation which has been revealed to us and remain stead fast and immoveable. Make your own path for others to follow. And Maisie I've loved your last letter you wrote I'm proud of your decision to make the choices that you know are right and continue to make those righteous decisions and be an example to those who need to follow better examples. And my family please please please remember every member is a missionary seek ways in which you can give others the oppurtunity to learn of the truths which we hold dear to our hearts. And love one another. FOLLOW THOU ME is the call and we must all head it. Love you all and have agreat week.
Con Amor,
Elder Hobbs
p.s. Pulling weeds builds character.

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