Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22

Dear Family,
   Well this week has been an awesome one. We've continued to be blessed in finding new investigators and having oppurtunites to serve others. I love being a missionary. I'm finally to the point where I almost feel no miedo de hablar con la gente. I've realized that the best success in finding is just opening your mouth to the people that get put in your pathway throughout the day. And get to know them for a little bit bear witness of the message and teach a gospel principle that is indicated by the spirit and teach them..... But things are going great for our investigators we have had A come to church another week so she'll be cruising to be ready to be baptized the 12th of May. She was just telling us this last week that she has felt like joseph smith about what church to join, on her situation to leave her christian church or are church. She explained to us that this last sunday morning as she was in her service she started to develope some doubts about the church and whether or not she should be baptized and she explained to us that everytime she is in our church that she just feels so at peace and described the feelings of the spirit. So she'll definitly be ready for her baptism. We've lost contact with her brother until just last night and he'll be there for our next lesson. and we've not had the chanceto talk with her family about everything, she's been telling us that we'll need to gear up for a battle if we want to talk to them. But I just want to be intoduced to them so that they don't feel like we're trying to do everything behind there backs.
 I won't be getting my new companion till tommorrow but we found out that Elder Stewart will be heading over to Mission Texas to spend his last transfer..... Big news to missions world wide is that there will be STL (Sister Trainging Leaders) Which will handle training the sister missionaries and handle there problems so that zone leaders and district leaders will not have to work on correcting them. It'll be really good for the misisona and a good little change up. The mission is receiving 21 new missiionaries!!!! And there will be 5 new areas opened up... Things are going crazy the work is hastening. Elder Nielsen was at the Mission President's Training and he told the mission presidents to just start putting on your seat belts and gear up for the ride..... Things are so awesome in the field right now.... Also great news my Trainer Elder Smith just became the A.P. of the mission so I became "royalty". I'm super excited for him. You gotta love being a misisonary.
   Also this past week me and my companion had ran into a guy on the streets that was walking around with long white hair and a beard. We were waiting for some members to accompany us to a lesson and he came over and spoke with us and come to find out he had quite some knowledge on the bible and began to question some things that we believe and we had a fun little discussion while we were waiting for the members. But we found out that our member couldn't come with us so we no longer neededd to wait and we told him we were in a hurry and he could come to church so we gave him the info and everything and next thing you know come Sunday he was there. And we had the Stake president come visit us and he was giving the lesson for the 2nd hour and this guy kept trying to pipe in and argue and it was the coolest thing seeing a Stake President using his scriptures....... And he did it in a way to not bring the spirit of contention and he politely told him to wait till his class was over and they'd discuss some things. It was awesome to know that the lord knows how to select his leaders and how prepared we really need to be as we study our scriptures every day. It was just a great example of how important we need to be fundamentally found on our doctrine and knowledge of the gospel so that we can stay firm in our beliefs. Hel 5:12.
   Also i'm very proud of Sam for placing a book of mormon and doing it in a great manner. Keep me posted on how she likes it. And what awesome news that the yard is rolling. Keep up the good work. And it sounds like dad had a really good ARK that's awesome that you had the oppurtunityh to serve you never know how little things can affect others. Alma 37:6-7. Love you all and hope you keep your studies up in the gospel and remain active in living the gospel. Good luck at Utah STate Mais! And Heston you better be taking mission prep. from Sam every Monday night okay. You are going to be the best missionary of us all if you apply what others have learned.
Love Elder Hobbs,

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