Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

December 23

Dear Family,

This week was a great one we've been teaching a 9 year old girl and working on getting permission from her mother to be baptized (her step father is a member). And we've been teaching her other daughter that just came to church this last week who is in her 20's and has 3 little kids. So things will be looking a lot better with her other daughter investigating the church. We are also working on the member to get the priesthood so he can baptize his own daughter. We have also been teaching a family of 9 that is a part member family. The parents were baptized and the older kids when they lived here a couple years back they moved to Idaho went inactive and showed back up in Robstown and the parents have wanted to get their kids rolling in the church. So we've helped them and they are an awesome family we are working on helping the older son that is 16 receive the aaronic priesthood so that he can baptize all of these kids they range from 14 to 8 so 5 kids can be baptized it'll be great!!! They are so fun to teach too. Kids are a lot easier to teach than adults i can tell you that much. It's just opened my eyes to what the scriptures mean when they say "humble as a child".

   Anyways thanks for all you do for me. I was recently reading my patriarcal blessing and I have been reflectin on how much blessings Ive had and how great of a home I've been raised in and I just want to thank you for being great parents thanks for all your love and support and for all the basic principles that you've taught me as a kid I'll always be in debt to you both. Also to the rest of the family thank you. Saren, Sam , Maisie, and Heston. Keep being who you are and seek to build your testimonies daily.

Love Elder Hobbs

p.s. so as of skype information i will either use that account or the one that the members have. So thanks for setting that up i have your account dad so i'll make sure to call you up. Be expecting the skype at 7:00 and if not i'll be going second so it'll be  closer to 8:00 that should be the window of when i call. So that's texas time you'll have to figure out what that is in utah time. haha

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