Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 6

Dear Family,

   It was nice to see you all on skype and see how well your all doing. This week has been quite the adventure me and Elder Hill have had tons of fun we've been getting along well and talking trash on each other for the little Jordan and Fremont rivalry we had and have had some good times already. I'm very excited to have another companion with a very good work ethic and great attitude.

   We had a baptism this last Sunday. We helped Delylah get baptized by her father who received the Aaronic Priesthood the day of so it was very special to see the baptismal service they were both on a very spiritual high. After that all of Delylah's little brothers and sisters were wanting to get in the water it was super funny to see their excitement and desires they had to get baptized also but they'll just need to wait till they're 8.... haha but she's  one of the pioneers for the family we've now been teaching 3 other people in her family that want to be baptized also so that's created a wildfire in the family. haha

   We also had a kid named Trey come to church who is a solid guy he'll be preparing for baptism for the 19th and already loves the church and comes to church activities we'll just need to work on helping his family support him and come out to it. And than the Pena family has been being worked with also but they have missed church for a couple of weeks for different reasons each time but they're committed to come the next two weeks Bro Pena has decided to finally give it his all. (He's a very busy man they're working on moving in, he's working, and taking care of a family of 8 that lives in 3 different places for the moment. haha)

   Our mission ended the year with 995 baptisms out of the goal of 1000 so it was a bummer we were short by 5 but that's the second highest number the mission has baptized so we weren't super bummed.

   But I hope you all enjoy the new years and have made those new years resolutions for big old 2014! 
Love you all have a good week
Elder Hobbs

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