Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

December 30

Dear Family,

   I hope that everthing is OK with y'all this week cuz i didn't get an e-mail. Maybe the letters just aren't going through I know how mom and dad are with technology. haha. But cool news. We will be able to watch a video for new years eve. The lion king, mulan, or finding nemo so we will be deciding on that. Also transfers are happening tommorrow I will be staying and receiving a new companion. Some of you may have already heard of him his name is Elder Hill and he was acctually the qb for Jordan high my junior year the one that beat us in the 1st pre-season game. He's a good missionary and I'm very excited to go hard with Elder Hill. We are still working on the same investigators they have been busy trying to move into a house so they've been working on Sundays but they're still wanting to do it.

  But thank you for the skyping it was lots of fun to get to see everyone. It seems everyone is doing great. Everyone looked the same other than Heston looked like he's been eating his veggies and Sam looks like he's hit the gymn since last I saw him. haha but hope you all enjoy the holidays and have a Happy New Years and enjoy life. Make sure to find the time to study during the holidays. 
Love you all!!!

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