Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10

What a week!!!
   Well I now have a new companion. haha he came early before transfers. Elder Hill got called to be a 3rd assistant to the mission president and I received a new zone leader named Elder Bassett he's from Utah and is a great guy he's got a lot of love and I'm excited to have him up here in the great zone of Sinton.
   It has continued to be pretty chilly this last week we've had a couple days in the high 50's or 60's but there's been some 30's it could have snowed one day when it was jumping from 30 to 35 but the coldness is nothing it's the humidity that makes it go to the bone it feels more like in the teens to me. haha but i'm living and surviving it should be getting a lot better.
   We had quite the miracle with a lady we've been teaching just the other night. She moved into the ward about 2 weeks ago and we've been teaching her and we've been throwing members at her right and left so she hasn't came to church yet but she knows more than half the relief society already. She has been investigating the church for about 2-3 years now or at least attending and was engaged to a member to be married but the guy passed away about 2 weeks before the wedding. She's 78 years old and is such a spiritual lady you can feel the presense of the spirit with her so strong and everyone loves her and her stories........ So we were working on her to accept a date and be baptized she received answers that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true but she's already been baptized 2-3 times which includes the Jordan River once. So we had an FHE with the bishop at his house Sunday night and him and another member from Corpus that is this lady's close friend helped us teach a lesson and she got her answer that she wanted to be baptized she wanted to do it in April on a specific date that ment something special to her but the members helped us a ton and taught clear doctine on acting as soon as possible rather than pushing it off and she agreed and the lord prompted me to ask her about the following week (BTW we had planned to share a scriptue in msh 18 vs 8-11, as soon as the doubt came up for april the member sister rich shared those specific verses and asked her the same question we were about to on "what would impede you from being baptized if this is your desire" it was crazy the spirit must have shown her our lesson plan. haha we told her that the lord really wanted her to hear that scripture tonight because we had planned that very verse.) and she said yes...... following question was "Who can baptize me can I choose?" we said yeah so she asked if she could make a call and she calls up her adopted son in Corpus and he started crying at the news and he started spreading the news over there, Bishop made some calls to get it all planned, The other member Sis. Rich starts planning a potluck. And we start making calls to let our members know! It was such a spiritual experience to be there  and to see how quick the spirit can make things happen..... At the end of the lesson Bishop thanked us and Joyce and said as he teared up "Thanks Joyce you were an answer to my prayers... I had prayed to have  a missionary experience and I got it with you" The spirit was flaming by this point and tears were shed and we are now planning on a baptism this Sunday! So moral of the story when missionaries and members work together and are unified the spirit becomes the real teacher and the lord's purposes and plans become fulfilled.
 Members homes are like home field advantage when we get an investigator in a members home they instantly feel the spirit. Joyce herself said those words and said she knew she'd be ready to be baptized as soon as she entered in the home.
Invitation: Host an FHE with the sister missionaries investigators or.... still host an FHE and invite as many less active or non members to the house for the fhe and have a fun little object lesson and teach a gospel principle so the spirit can testify to those that come that there homes can be the same as ours with the spirit there.
Love you family have a great week
Elder Hobbs

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