Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, February 10, 2014

January 21

Dear Family,
Pues speaking of Ogden I was wondering how the Ogden temple is coming along in it's reconstroction and if that'll be my first stop when I get home or not.
   But this was a great week we had some baptisms! We helped Trey Garza get baptized a 15 year old and the rest of a different family which was Nick, Adam, Bobbie, Savannah, and Jose Pena.  We helped the young mens double in size and then the ones we have baptized have helped the ward reactivate a family because they knew the kids that were in the family and they invited them to mutual and church. The Pena family has been helping us out a lot lately so far we have been teaching their in laws and we've had some good time balling it up with their friends at mutual and on P-days so we've been using our talents. The other little girl that was baptized by her step father has also been doing really well we're still teaching a few different members in that family so we've just tapped into some gold mines for finding lately. haha but the ward has been doing great and have had an increase of excitement to do missionary work. We had close to 100 people at the baptismal service so it was well supported and the newly baptized converts have been well known and well received by the ward.
Things have been really fun up here so far I've really come to love working with members up here it's so mucho fun and so easier to do the lord's work when we have everyone involved in it so I've been impressed with the coordinated efforts that the ward has been doing lately so we've received lots of blessings as we've worked as a team.
As for me my spanish is getting a bit worse... But my study habits have been getting a lot better because I have to study a lot harder to retain my spanish up here becuase we just never speak it other than in the companionship.haha but we've have been getting fed well and have been getting taken care of Elder Hill has been gung hoe about excercising in the mornings so we have been getting up a little eariler and doing sprints, or jogging or playing basketball I've been enjoying it I gotta get in shape myself. But that's basically it i've loved the work and I don't want to leave it ever in my life. Please support your local missionaries in any way you can. A refferal is worth a lot more than dinner I'll just let you know that! 
Love you all
Elder Hobbs

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