Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17

Querida familia,
Gracias para su carta hoy dia y por las noticias del mundo. Well the week was good. We have been doing well and the weather has gotten a lot better it's in the 70's with a slight breeze so it's perfect weather now it should be heating up and getting into the 90's soon but we'll see how it goes. 
Well our investigador that came through and decided to get baptized decided not to do it ... she also didnt' come to church and has been feeling really uneasy. She has some family opposition and wouldn't decide to tell her kids anything about the baptism and wouldn't want to do it without their consent so she is kinda in limbo and feels like we've been pushing her but that's what were here to do in a loving way so she decided she wants to get baptized on the 2nd of March instead so that was a little bit of a bummer but she'll come around.  We on the other hand had a different investigator come to church who really really enjoyed it and found out one of her old high school friends attends church so that was pretty exciting to see unravel so she's looking at getting baptized in about 2 weeks.
We have had a really big focus this last week about getting refferals in the mission our Mission President has the leaders report to the assistants how many we receive each day. So we were at a members home with a 17 and 19 year old in the middle of no where ville or in other words Petronilla population 200. And it's a little city I've tried to work before but it's literally almost impossible to go in there blind and we have no formers or potentials there or hardly any members. But this family was talking with us about their friends and they didn't know where any of them lived so we offered to drive them around with us in the truck to get all of the addresses about an hour later we had received 18 refferalls (quality member refferals with descriptions and already built friendships) to people all across this little rancho city type place (almost like West Weber without any surrounding cities). Next Friday we have plans to contact all these refferals with them and we're going to go on splits with some members in order to do so for about 4 hours. Number wise and statistically speaking about 1 and every 3 member refferals gets baptized so we're pretty excited about our odds right now. So thank you to all those members who freely give refferals to the missionaries it can really make our calling a lot easier.  What a blessing to have a truck to be able to drive members around with us it's great that the church has the resources to support us on our missions with such great finding tools.
These following 3 days we will be in McAllen during a 3 day leadership conference it'll be exciting, it'll be a great opportunity to learn and receive trainings on how to be abetter missionary and to help others learn and grow as missionaries. I really wish the missionaries would have helped me do missionary work or at least understood how easy it is to do so as members you just need the mentality and the willingness to pop the question on people or invite them to a family home evening or event at the church. I'd just like to invite you all to work on having that family home evening I'd talked to you about and invite nonmembers/all of Heston's friends and make it a fun little event you can't go wrong with that. An interesting story one of my companions shared with me that was that his dad and his old mission companion were eating lunch together somewhere and they noticed the waitress struggled speaking in English the both of them learned Spanish on their missions and started speaking to them and they told her how they learned and asked her why she wasn't a member..... the waitress responded I don't know no one has ever asked and I've never went to church. A couple weeks later she was baptized by some missionaries after being reffered by the retired missionries or should I say the still proselyting missionaries. But as we have the gospel on our mind it will give us opportunity to make it out of our mouths to those we speak with throughout the day.
-Elder Jacob J. Hobbs original
I love you all have a great day and week.              

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