Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 21

Dear Family,
I'll be a little bit brief due to sending all those pictures i've realized I need to take more pictures of what's going on it's just that i've never been a picture guy but i'll make sure i'll get more to send home to y'all!
These last couple days have been some of the craziest of my mission. Friday and Saturday we were driving all over for interviews with investigators of other missionaries and making up the work for not being able to work in our own area for 3 days. We're still working on contacting a bunch of refferalls from the Cavasos Family.
The 3 day trainings were very uplifting and it was exciting to work with Elder Hill again. I actually worked with one of our assistants.
The mission has a huge focus on receiving referrals. We got to share our experience we had with receiving 18 referrals from the Cavazos family in front of the missions leaders. We now have the standard hiked up to receiving 25 referrals in a week!! pretty big but that's what the focus is. We saw a huge miracle in our own area we were talking with a guy Saturday night that was working on his house. He wasn't at all interested but we started bombing him with who do you know questions (such as someone who's had a death in the family, struggling with drugs, moved in, had a baby) and he reffered us to a buddy of his that's mom passed away recently we went to the house he let us right in shared lpart of the plan of salvation and he accepted the invitation of baptism so i have a testimony that we are very blessed as we listen and apply the council from our spiritual leaders and respecting there keys and authority. Lots of great principles to learn on the mission i'm blessed to be a missionary and receive these blessings.
Thanks for the e-mails from Sam and Saren it was good to hear from you both i'll make sure to get back to you next week. Love you all take care.
Love Elder Hobbs

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