Elder Jake Hobbs

Elder Jake Hobbs
Elder Jake Hobbs

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 3

Well sounds like there's quite a lot of big news back home another marriage I've missed, congrats to Annelise.  But that's good news about college i'm breathing a sigh of relief.....
This week was a crazy one we've had a lot of things go down and a lot of miracles. The family that we had just baptized had some personal problems go on within the family and now have been debating on moving to Oklahoma or staying here in Texas and so me and Elder Hill have been heart broken if we're going to have to see them leave but it'll be ok if the lord has that in his will so we gathered them up one night and had a little pow wow and got the oppurtunity for them to seek revelation on what they should do and it was a very great opportunity to feel the spirit working with them there they all knelt down and the father asked the questions and they were all deciding as a family what to do after the council. The revelation I received is that it wasn't my revealtion to receive but that the family was going to be able to handle either decision as long as they were as unified as possible.
My testimony has truly grown on the doctrine of fasting and it's something that our misison president has been driving home for his entire stay here. That through faith, fasting, praying, and good works we can see the miracles we're looking for and that we can have our prayers answered. This past Sunday we had the opportunity for both of the things we fasted for fullfilled. We had a member bring her niece to church and we our working on baptism with her and we receied a refferal from Corpus that has already been to church for weeks that lives in our area but hadn't been taught. I would highly suggest that next family home evening the doctrine of fasting gets taught and that you seek the scriptures to support your teachings there is a great chapter in Isaiah 58 ? that drives home the promised blessings of the fast if you'd like to give that a look.
This past Saturday we had the oppurtunity to put new shingles on the house in which we live in. We had a decent turn out from the ward and the four of us had to work on it but we shingled the whole thing from about 8 till 5:30 and we only took about a 30 min. break to eat lunch. But I now feel pretty comfortable in putting shingles on roofs. I'm glad that I've gotten to learn a few trades on our own house and the mission house in Robstown. The most important lesson that I've learned from it all is the echoing words of my father "This is why you go to School". It's nice to know how to do it but it's not the job for me. But I will say I still remember how to swing a hammer and balance on a roof. haha
But that's basically it, I love being a missionary and I celebrated my sister mark last Saturday by putting on a new roof so that's how we do it in southern Texas. The zone is going to be celebrating by having a little barbacue for the month of January. 
Love you all have a great week.
Elder Hobbs

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